Our product features

  • Immediate Activation
  • Instant connection
  • No need to change the existing phone line
  • No hidden charges, No Expiration date,
    No Connection fees, No Maintainance fees
  • You can reduce upto 80 % on your phone bills
  • Same rate available to the destination,
    irrespective of the time you call
  • Online balance enquiry, call records
  • Free Customer Service avaiable 7 days a week and 365 days a year
  • Secure Online Payment Transaction

Pinless Account

Recharge As Low As £5 Call anwhere in the World by your phone. Take advantage of the PIN-less authentication. Just call the nearest access number and call the destination.

Broadtele Card £5

Broadtele Card £5
  • Dial Access Number
  • Enter your Pin Number
  • Dial the Destination Number
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