1. What features does my online account have?

  • You can view your call records, financial history, latest rates, worldwide access number, and even update your details eg. Password, Pinless calling, Speed dialling etc.

2. I do not have a credit card, am I still able to open an account?

  • Yes, you can use the following methods of payment: Debit card, postal order or cash. The minimum amount you can open account with is £5.

3. What do I do if I forget my Password?

  • You can have your password emailed to you by clicking on 'Forgot my Password' under the login screen.

4. When I dial my account and PIN, it keeps saying invalid PIN?

  • You may not be phoning from a touch-tone phone. Put down the phone and then redial but start by pressing the * button. Once you have pushed the * button your telephone will remain touch-tone. If you want to return to a pulse phone push the * button again after making your call.

5. Am I able to use my alpha account when I am abroad?

  • Yes, you will be able to use your account from several other destinations. Please see our website for more details.

6. Can my account be used from payphones?

  • You can use the Free phone access number 08082801985 to make telephone calls from any touch-tone telephone in the UK. Some payphones charge to use free phone numbers. This surcharge is 25p per minute or maybe vary to phone service provider.

7. Can this account be used for local calls and calls to mobiles?

  • You can use our service to make calls to local, national and international destinations as well as calls to mobile telephones.

8. Can I still save money on phone calls using a mobile phone?

  • Yes, even with mobile surcharges, it is usually cheaper to call internationally from a mobile using our service.

9. Dialling the PIN number can be time consuming, is there a quicker method of making a call?

  • Yes, by registering your originating phone number (ie: Home number, Mobile number, Work number and any other number which are in your control). Then, you simply dial the access number and we will connect you to our network without you having to enter your PIN number.

10. If I start running out of money while on a call, will there be any warning?

  • Yes, there will be a warning message before you finally run out of money. If your balance reaches zero whilst you are on a call, you will automatically be disconnected. Then, you have to call to our customer service to Top Up or you can do online or you can do with IVR Top Up. IVR top up can be done by pressing * button after announced the your balance then press option 4 to put the debit card detail.

11. Are there any low user surcharges?

  • No. There are no low user surcharges.

12. Do calls made from UK mobiles attract a surcharge?

  • Mobile networks may charge for 0800 calls. Please contact Customer Care or your mobile network for further details on mobile access. We always recommend to use local access number to keep your cost lower but make sure that you are within your phone line provider's allowance.

13. When using my mobile phone do I press the send key after dialling the destination?

  • No. By pressing 'send' after the destination your call will be sent to your mobile network. Simply wait and Broad Tele will connect you to your destination. This also means that you cannot use the phonebook on your mobile if you are making a call through our network. Or You can press # after enter the destination which will make you faster connection.