How To Use


AlphaTelecom™ is dedicated to provide its customers with various high quality and convenient voice based solutions. With a dedicated team of well qualified professionals, the company aims to offer its customers affordable and reliable calling features.


How to Sign Up

To make use of AlphaTelecom™ calling products, you need to fill an easy registration form and register the number you intend to call from to make your calls.

You can register the destination name and number, and it will be saved for you to make future calls. Each destination registered would be provided with a unique local number, so when you make the calls you are charged low rates letting you save on a huge percentage of calling prices.

Whenever you wish to make a call, simply call up from the registered number and provide the local unique number given to you. You will instantly be connected to your friends and family!

  • Dial an access number
  • Enter the pin (If you are registered your phone number with us, then you don’t have to enter the PIN).
  • Dial your destination number
  • Following advance features has been enabled in our system.
  • After entering your PIN and there is an announcement about your available credit, then you can press * button then you will go into advanced features.
    • Last number redialled
    • Make this number PINLESS.
    • Remove this number from PINLESS.
    • Topup by your credit card.
    • Review all your Speed dialling.
    • Add a new speed dialling (this can be any number between 10 and 99).

Features & Benefits

  • No hidden charges
  • Free sign-up
  • No monthly rentals
  • No commitment for minimum usage
  • No account cancellation fee
  • No VAT or extra taxes
  • Free Access Number/Local Unique Number
  • Low call rates
  • Free Speed-Dial features
  • Incomplete calls not charged.
  • PIN-less Dialling (You need to install orAdobe Flash Player)

Other Add-on features

  • Call history: Keep a track online, of all the calls you make, the cost incurred and the call durations.
  • Account statement: You can view your account credits and make secure payments via phone or online.
  • Contact List: Manage your own contact list.
  • Operator Services: Call the automated AlphaTelecom™ Operator and easily manage your account at the push of a button.
  • SMS: Add contacts instantly by sending a simple text message to Broadtele.
*You will be charged by your telephone line service provider for dialling the 0208, 0207and 0203 access numbers. This charge should be whatever rate you pay for calls to 0208, 0207and 0203 numbers and will appear on your phone bill from your service provider. Add 2p/ min to rates if using 0800 access. Mobile operators may charge to calls made to 0800 numbers. Calls from a payphone incur a surcharge of 25p/min. Calls are charged in 30 second increments. There is a minimum 30 second charge per call. The credit on your account expires if not used or topped-up for 365 days.