1. Quick Pay

Payment Method | Alpha Telecom

Customer Service Top up By Phone Monday to Friday 9Am-5Pm by giving your Debit and Credit Card details to Our Customer Service Team your credit/debit card. Call Phone Number and speak to our friendly customer care team to credit your account.

2. Online

Payment Method | Alpha Telecom

You will need to set up a User Name and Password. Go to the Help section of this website. Once registered, simply log in to your account and top-up securely using your credit/debit card.

3. IVR TopUp

Payment Method | Alpha Telecom

This topup can be done at any time (24×7) by dialling your access number and enter the PIN number after the announcement of the available credit. Then press * button option. (This option will be available only cardholder of the Debit or Credit card who has the account with us with verified address)